The Jit'Suku Chronicles

The Jit'Suku Chronicles is a generational saga of stories set across several centuries and vast stretches of interstellar space. The Arcana series of novellas comes chronilogically before the Sons of Amber series of stories. In between and around these mini-series will be several novels that fill out the story.

The Sons of Amber series, in particular, has gone through some changes over the years. Originally published by a small press, the first two stories have been re-worked in 2015 and given new titles.

Originally titled simply Ezekiel, the first Sons of Amber story has been heavily revised and retitled Angel in the Badlands. Likewise, the second Sons of Amber story, titled simply Michael, will get a new title and cover, later in 2015.

We apologize for any confusion this might cause, but the stories have been substantially changed and re-worked to hopefully give new life to this series, which sort of petered out when the publisher went through some changes. Look for more Sons of Amber - completely new episodes in this series - in the months and years to come.

Below are the old covers, including the cover used on the print anthology that contained both of the original versions of these stories. We'll keep them here for reference, for a while, to help readers figure out what happened.

Ezekiel Michael