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Welcome to the D'Arc Side

Home of author, Bianca D'Arc, writer of paranormal, futuristic, science fiction and fantasy romance. You'll find all kinds of nooks and crannies on this site devoted to various sub-genres and series.

Each series and genre has its own a separate section on this site and each book has its own page. On the individual book pages, you might find review links, puzzles, excerpts, Flash movie trailers, character profiles, and more. They are updated all the time as new information and content becomes available. Another great way to surf this site is to use the Books page to locate the book you're interested in and navigate from there. Enjoy!

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Print Releases This Month

Sons of Amber: Ezekiel & Michael  I Dream of Dragons Volume 1 Hara's Legacy Splash

Sons of Amber: Ezekiel & Michael published by Phaze - ISBN 1-59426-895-1
Hara's Legacy published by Samhain Publishing - ISBN 1-59998-742-2
I Dream of Dragons Volume One - Summer Devon, Marie Harte & Bianca D'Arc
published by Samhain Publishing - ISBN 1-59998-807-0


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Each month, we host a contest open to anyone who is a member of the newsletter group. It's free to join, but to win you need to be a member of the newsletter group by the last day of the month. All the details can be found on the Contest page.

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Available now from Samhain Publishing
The Long-Awaited Follow-Up to Lords of the Were

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Discuss books, learn about upcoming projects and take part in fun contests and giveaways by joining Bianca's chat group. Bianca is happy to talk with readers and answer questions or have discussions about her work, interests, and what interest you in this public forum. She also hosts multi-author excerpt parties from time to time, to give readers a chance to win prizes and read excerpts from all genres of romance by many different authors.

Recent Awards
  2007 CAPA      Fantasm 2007 Winner
Preditors & Editors  Sensual Top Five  2007 RORR   
For a complete list of awards, please see the Author section, Awards page.

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