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Hidden Dragons
Dragon Knights
Hidden Dragons
January 2015

Redstone 1-3 Bundle
Redstone Clan
Books 1-3 Bundle
ebook only

King of Stars
King of Stars
Arcana #4

Angel in the Badlands
(New Version of Sons of Amber: Ezekiel)

Harry's Sacrifice
Resonance Mates
Harry's Sacrifice
March 3, 2015

Tales of the Were
Redstone Clan #5

Welcome! If you're new here you should probably be made aware that my work runs the gamut from steamy to downright scandalous. Much of my work for Samhain Publishing and other, smaller publishers, deals with menage storylines, so if that's not your cup of tea, you might want to skirt around those titles. If you click on the "By Publisher" link above, you'll see a list by publisher with the more "Red Hot" titles highlighted. Enjoy!

The Latest

Love and magic lie at the heart of this storm... as well as a whole lot of danger.

When Major Jesse Moore, brother to the Wyoming Pack Alpha, is sent to Iowa to check on his sister-in-law's cousin, knocking politely isn't an option. Sounds of a struggle send him storming into her kitchen -- where he finds anything but a damsel in distress. The tiny human woman knows how to handle herself in a fight, and all Jesse's senses shout she's his mate.

Exotic-animal vet, Maria Garibaldi has never trusted the magic her aunt and grandmother claim is her birthright. She's always known about the Others, but she had no idea she was also part of their world. When Maria sets out with Jesse to find the parents of a young grizzly shifter she found and treated, she learns the meaning of temptation in the form of the ex-Special Forces soldier.

As passion flares, the trail leads them toward the eye of a massive storm... where an unspeakable evil awaits the right moment to destroy the good in the magical world.

Warning: Things get explicit when a werewolf wants his mate and he doesn't care where they are. Outdoors, indoors, wherever and whenever -- never get between a wolf and his woman.

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String of Fate, Book 4

Love triangles are always more interesting when they come equipped with claws...and flippers?

Beau has anger issues, but not when he's around Jacki. The fierce tiger shifter has been following her around like a puppy, but she hasn't taken notice of him...until now.

No matter how long Geir has lived in the States, he's still the odd man out. A tiger shifter native of Iceland, he is a Master of his craft, training other warriors the skills he has perfected. When he sees Jacki for the first time, he knows she is the one for him.

Jacki is the privileged daughter of a prominent shifter Clan. Most of her relatives are lion shifters, so she knows how to handle cats on the prowl, but she is a much rarer selkie-a seal shifter-imbued with magic and surrounded by mystery. When an opportunity arises to step into a key role in shifter society, she is uncertain, but willing to try. And when she's told she doesn't have to choose between the two tigers, but rather, can have them both, she is more than intrigued. But someone is stalking their path and they must work together to nullify the danger, all while trying to figure out a complicated relationship that has all three of them questioning fate.

Warning: This story contains graphic language and menage a trois between two tiger shifters and one very special selkie woman. Rawr.

Coming Soon

Hidden Dragons

Two knights find a beautiful maiden sobbing by a small waterfall. Saddened by the loss of her mother, the maiden proves to be a very special woman who can communicate with dragons. She lives alone in the forest, on the edge of a village the knights have been sent to investigate. When she invites them to shelter from the rain in her barn, they accept, using her place as a vantage point for their surveillance of the town below.

Both knights are drawn to the fair maiden. Could she be the one to share their lives? Their dragon partners certainly think so. When they discover a treasonous plot in the village, they must act quickly. Will they be in time to stop the enemy from gaining a strategic foothold in their land? And will they be able to protect the woman who has become precious to them, even while the battle rages?

When the dust settles, can they convince her to stay in the Lair with them...forever?

Hidden Dragons

We are overhauling this site and are in the process of updating individual book links. In the meantime, if you are looking for Bianca D'Arc ebooks, please see these retail sites (clicking on the graphics below will take you to a search page that should list all of the Bianca D'Arc books available from each of the sites)...

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If you're a subscriber to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program, several of my books are now available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited. The ebooks now exclusive to Amazon are:

Rocky King's Throne End of the Line King of Swords King of Cups King of Clubs

Please Note: You can still get paperback versions of Rocky and King's Throne from other retailers. Only the ebook versions are exclusive to Amazon. In fact, Rocky is also available in audiobook format at Audible.

Website Update

We've made an effort to make the site more accessible to readers. Some of you are looking for the hot stuff, some for the more mainstream books. We're continuing to look for ways to help you zero in on what you want. Right now, you can look at all the books together on the Books page, check out all those that are Coming Soon or browse By Series or By Publisher. As an added feature, "books sorted by publisher" notes those books that have menage themes or scenes. In additon, there is a printable Bibliography that lists all my books in all formats, by series. On that page you will also find a link to the printable Print Bibliography that only lists print books in chronological order of release.

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